Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I access the member's site?

If you have paid already and you have no access yet on the member's site, please email me at for faster processing.

It is best to use the same email address on your payment on the member's site. It is easy to check and it avoids confusion. 

2.  What is Vic Fabe Photography Site?

Vic Fabe is a photography site that features the men subjects who models for Vic Fabe. 
All the models are 18 years old and above and have signed model release forms. 
They are aware that their photos and videos will be at this website. 

The site features the casual wear, formal wear, artsy themes and shirtless sets of the models. There are NO NUDES in this site. If you are into this, then we are not the website for you.

3. Who can subscribe?

Anyone who enjoys the male form and male artsy themes. 

4. What are Photosets and Video Sets?

Photosets are the full album of a particular model.
You can purchase them individually without subscribing.
It is only a one time purchase and you can download the pictures.
You can view the full photo album immediately after purchase.

Video sets are the full videos of the actual shoot of a particular model.
You can purchase it individually and can be view immediately after purchase.
You can download the video for your own keepsake.
You can buy individual video sets without the monthly subscription.
This is perfect if you are a fan of that particular model.

5. What is the Monthly Subscription?

      Monthly subscription are perfect if you are a follower of Vic Fabe Photography. You get to access the featured models for the month at a flat rate of only $ 49.95. It is convenient and safe. All you need is to sign in to your Gmail account and you can access right away the member's site. The member's site contains photos and videos for you to enjoy.

6. Can I cancel my Monthly Subscription Anytime?

      YES. You can cancel it by going to your Paypal account and just cancel the monthly subscription.

7. Can I request for a particular model for a particular theme?

      Yes. You can request for a particular theme. It will be yours exclusively.

8. Can I pay thru Western Union or in any other way?

      Unfortunately No. You can pay using your ATM card by just clicking the Subscribe button.  We accept all cards. Debit and Credit Cards.

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