February 27, 2018

The Courage to say NO

I am a nonconfrontative person. I hate saying no but today Ibhad the courage to say no to a group of technicians who were selling me annold aircon. 

I had all the aircon cleaned today and one aircon was defective. They said that the compressor is busted. Too bad appliances today have only 1 year life expectancies. I already lost the receipt of the aircon although they said the warranty of the compressor is 5 years. Kolin is my preferred aircon brand however I think I just got a lemon unit this time. 

Anyway, the technicians cleaned thoroughly the units. They are the best. 

One of them offered me to buy an old aircon. I said yes hoping that it was a relatively new one. However, when it came, I saw the unit have rust already on the sides. They have installed it already but I just have to say no. The price they offered was 7,500 but the unit was very old and it was like 1 hp only. I was leaning to just give in and just give the 7,500 to the boys but my gut tells me not to give in. 

Finally, I said no and finally I got that courage.Inline image

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