February 23, 2018

Nice Shorts at Forever 21

There are beautiful cotton shorts at Forever 21 Sm the Block. I like these shorts because they are soft.It costs about Php 915 each. So it is kinda expensive. 

I was standing near the bathroom area of the 2nd floor of Sm the block and I chanced upon the Sperry Topsider store. These were my shoes when I was studying and that was 30 years ago already.

I used to buy these shoes at the px stores at greenhills. It was expensive then and was considered a status symbol type of shoes. Oh well, that was my insecure me before. But now, I love their slippers. It has the same sole as the shoe so it offers the cushion feeling. It is very nice for the feet.

Sm the block has the right mix of stores for me. It has the basic imported brands in one wing. 

Happily ended my spontaneous shopping spree with a cold rock salt milk tea from Happy Lemon. 

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