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April 7, 2017

Summer Hotness CJ

Are you a FAN of Vic Fabe Photography?

Then be a Subscriber. You get to view the complete photos of the model featured in this website. Complete photos means the complete sets of the models, from their fashion sets to their underwear/swimwear sets if any. 

Why Subscribe?

*   You get access to the raw shots (unedited shots)
*   Updated live videos of the photoshoots, Full length videos.
*   You'll never miss a photoshoot
*   Complete sets of their shirtless and swimwear sets if any
*   You get to enjoy viewing time at your own pace
*   Exclusive photos and videos
*   Artistic shots if any

It is ONLY $19.95, way cheaper than your monthly Starbucks budget. 

* You can cancel anytime. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
* We value your privacy.

Just click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON BELOW, immediate access upon payment.



gilmer labrador said...

Hi good day....what if i don't have credit card? How can i subscribe...in what way i can pay the subscription???

Anonymous said...

Same question. Is there any other way to subscribe without using our card?

Vic Fabe said...

Please check this LINK


Anonymous said...

Is there naked photos?

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