April 23, 2017

Platinum Sponsorship for the FABE Summer Show this May 2017


Be our PLATINUM Sponsor for Only Php 20,000

We work so hard daily and we deserve to have fun and to play. FABE FASHION SHOW is annual MALE FASHION SHOW featuring the summer collections of selected designers. A special Cash Prize will be given to the best Male Model. It is a fashion show for our valued Vic Fabe Photography followers. It is a get together among my followers and the Male Models of Fabe Photography. You get to meet the models and be able to interact with them. 

There will be 15 selected male models who will showcase the summer collections. One will win a Cash Prize of  Php 10,000. Others will receive gift packs. 

As a professional, we are so busy at work and no time to play. I want all of us to have fun and to relax and of course to enjoy the show. And of course, to bond with each other.

Tentative date for the show is on these dates  - May 25 to 27, Thursday to Saturday. I just need to book the place.

If you have a business, you may offer gift checks of ANY AMOUNT. You will choose to whom model you will award it. 

As a PLATINUM Sponsor, you are entitled to these benefits. 

1. You will get front seats during the show.
    You will get 4 complimentary tickets, this includes yourself.

2. It is a private show meaning only prepaid tickets are welcomed. 
    We will not be selling tickets during the day.
     Everybody is a confirmed guest.
     WE VALUE YOUR PRIVACY. Almost all supporters of Vic Fabe Photography are company big bosses and businessmen. Your privacy is my utmost concern.

3.  You will get to vote who will be the winner. You will be given 10 votes and it is up to you to give these votes to your best male model. 

4. You may set up a booth during the event and you can do some flyering.

5. You can have the option of awarding as many gift checks to the male model participants. 

6. We will have a pre-fashion show dinner and presentation. 
    There will be an additional fee for this, but this is just minimal.
    We will conduct this in an all buffet place and you get to preview some of the models who will be at the show.
    There will be parlor games or any games of that sort that will make us bond together.
    This pre-fashion show activity is dependent on the number of sponsors who would like to shell out for this party, so each one of us should contribute to make this pre-fashion show a reality.
    The purpose of this pre-fashion show activity is to for you to choose the right brand ambassador for your products and services. 

If you want to know more about being part of this project, you may send me a message, Vic Fabe at fabevic@yahoo.com or you can text me at 0916.654.5707

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