March 1, 2017

Dishonest GRAB A CAR Driver

Be CAREFUL in booking at Grab Car, make sure if you are paying by credit card or cash. Today, I used grab car going to SM. The fare is only Php 121 pesos. The grab app sometimes go so slow and suddenly reboots. That happened to me today and I though I was paying in cash since that was the first option I made when I booked it. However, on the second try since the grab app rebooted, it automatically reset it to my credit card on file. For me I did not notice it, since I'm more focused on the fare price. When we arrived at SM The Block, the driver told me the fare was P121, I gave him the fare and went down. I still did not notice that I was duped. Went around the mall, had a great dinner then booked a GRAB CAR going home. There I noticed that the GRAB App automatically chooses the credit card payment method. Then that alarmed me since I did not know if I paid thru credit card for my earlier ride. I was not able to check the email since my internet connection which is GLOBE which is notoriously slow at all times. Anyway, when I arrived home, I checked my email and true enough I was charged with Php 121 on my credit card for my first GRAB CAR ride. So I paid P121 in CASH and I was charged in my credit card P121, DOUBLE PAYMENT. I'm just disappointed that the driver never mentioned to me that the fare is going to be charged to my credit card. He just took the cash I gave them and they just kept quiet. Anyway, I believe in KARMA. Anything panloloko you do to your fellowmen will go back at your 1,000 times nastier. Just sharing with you that we be careful on the payment method we use in GRAB. Aside from it, GRAB is still ok, or make sure to erase your credit card option always and just input it only if you need to use a credit card. Lesson learned. Here is a screenshot of my GRAB CAR Receipt

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