November 24, 2016



VICFABE.COM is a database of all the raw and unedited photos of our male model clients. Each male photography set is more than 100 photos. Usually, there are 3 to 5 outfit changes during the shoot. We also promote fitness and wellness so all models have shirtless shots. Others opt to have their swimwear portfolio. 

Our aim is to provide our followers and admirers, up to date photos. GET FULL ACCESS to the complete sets of the male folios for only $19.95. Portfolios are updated regulary. 

Behind the scenes videos and full videos are also available for viewing.  

Become a Subscriber for only $19.95 a month. Have immediate access to the photos.

As a SUBSCRIBER, you have all the access to the photography sets. Model sets are uploaded from time to time. Subscription is ONLY $19.95 a month. 

It is definitely cheaper than your monthly Starbucks budget.
The fee usually goes to the database handing and the storage fees of the photos.
And we also like our photos to be enjoyed by our loyal followers and clientele. 





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Vic Fabe Photography started out in 2008 doing catalogue shoots of local clothing brands. It eventually ventured into doing model portfolios of male and female aspiring models. This website is for our male model clientele. 


Our mission is to provide outstanding service, an enjoyable experience in front of the camera as well as photographs you will love. We make sure that YOU Look Good! Good enough to be noticed by potential casters, talent agencies and showbiz agents. 


Our aim is to produce images that stand out from the crowd, grab your potential clients thus landing you modeling jobs.  




If you are a fan of Vic Fabe Photography and would like to view all the photos of a particular model you like, you may do so by subscribing to our members only website. We would like to protect the images of our clientele since a lot of crazy people just copy and paste our photos on twitter and other social media accounts without our knowledge. In this way, only our true fans will enjoy to view the complete sets of our work. Membership fee is only $19.95 a month. It's cheaper than your Starbucks budget. 


Just click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON BELOW and you will have access immediately to our member's site.  


What to expect at the member's site? 

  • Full complete portfolios of pictures and videos of the shoot. 
  • A normal model set is about 250 photos with 3 to 5 layouts.
  • It also contains some artistic photos and themed photos.  
  • There will be shirtless, fitness and swimwear photos. 
  • The fee will shoulder the expensive database costs.  
  • Live Videos of Photoshoots when available. 

Thank you for your support. Subscribe TODAY! CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW.




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