August 17, 2016

MJ Shirtless

IMG_5317 is a database of all the male model clientele of Vic Fabe Photography. It is raw, real and unedited photos. 
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Welcome to VICFABE.COM
There are usually 3 to 5 photography sets for each model. Each set is about 40 to 60 photos. It is mostly portrait shots and some are whole body too. Most have shirtless sets but some has artistic sets. Artistic themes are usually done as per request of the model client.


   * you get access to photos that are not posted here
   * unedited raw pictures
   * behind the scenes photos and videos
   * full access to artistic shots

Subscription is ONLY $19.95 a month. 

It is definitely cheaper than your monthly Starbucks budget.
The fee usually goes to the database handing and the storage fees of the photos.
And we also like our photos to be enjoyed by our loyal followers and clientele.

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