May 17, 2016

Jhefferson and Alec

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Welcome to

This website is a database of all the photos of the test photoshoots of all the male model clientele of Vic Fabe Photography. All photos are raw, actual and unedited. It is a database of all the male clients.
A photography set is usually about 70 photos. And normally, there are about 3 to 5 sets per model. All models usually have their shirtless and artistic sets.

   * you get full access to all the folders of the models
   * unedited raw pictures
   * behind the scenes photos and videos
   * full access to artistic shots

Subscription is ONLY $19.95 a month.
It is definitely cheaper than your monthly Starbucks budget.
The fee usually goes to the database handing and the storage fees of the photos.
And we also like our photos to be enjoyed by our loyal followers and clientele.

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      Only US$19.95 per month. Cheaper than your monthly Starbucks budget.
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Bernard Set 14


Want to See More

Be a Subscriber today and get updated daily on what is happening at It is a database of all the raw photos. If you love the male form, then this for you. There are no nude photos on the site. What is has are the full sets of the fashion, sportswear, shirtless and swimwear sets. We have also the full videos of the photoshoot as well, unedited.


Cheaper than your monthy Starbucks budget.
Immediate access upon payment.

We provided this member's site for the fans of We have about 80,000 followers on our social media and we want our fans to get a front seat view of all the photos we have made throughout the years. View the current male photos HERE

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Our subscription is way cheaper than your monthly Starbucks budget. We ALSO provide you with alternative means of subscribing. You can also subscribe by Western Union, Cebuana, ML Lhuiller, BDO Bank Deposit or Metrobank Bank Deposit. CLICK HERE.

What to expect at the member's site? 

  • RAW and UNEDITED pictures of male models
  • Complete sets of the models, fashion, sportswear, shirtless and swimwear pictures
  • There are NO NUDE pictures, but there are artistic shots 
  • A lot of muscular and sports related theme pictures
  • Live videos of the actual photoshoots without cuts 
  • Part of the Fees will go to the expensive database fees


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