April 13, 2016

Mark in Beige Sweater

Behind every photograph is a world of emotions and fascinating stories. Vicfabe.com showcases beautiful images of Filipino men. These are test photoshoots of aspiring male models. It's aim is to provide them exposure to potential talent casters, talent agents and coporate clients. Our mission is to provide a venue for aspiring male models to showcase their portfolios. Photos on this website are actual test photoshoots. It's usually their first time facing a camera. It's raw, actual and unedited.

Our vision is to be the first choice in the model setcard portfolio for aspiring models. We aim to produce photos that will catch the attention of potential casting agents.

If you need A Model Portfolio. We can provide it for you.

You only need to bring :

- 3 sets of outfits, any theme
- Bring a USB, you will get all the photos
- the Php 2,000 fee. It includes hair and makeup.
- Photoshoots are everyday. Just message me what time you can come.
- Book today, 0916.654.5707 or email us at fabevic@yahoo.com


Become a Subscriber for only $19.95 a month. Have access to ALL the folders.

Welcome to Vicfabe.com

This website is a database of all the photos of the test photoshoots of all the male model clientele of Vic Fabe Photography. All photos are raw, actual and unedited. It is a database of all the male clients.
A photography set is usually about 70 photos. And normally, there are about 3 to 5 sets per model. All models usually have their shirtless and artistic sets. Being a subscriber, you can view all the photos of all the photo sets.
Be a subscriber today, it is reasonable affordable, high resolution photos and you get access to the behind the scenes videos. 

We thank you for supporting us through the years.

Click to Buy below
. It's cheaper than your monthly Starbucks expenses.


   2Checkout.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for services provided by www.vicfabe.com.

   * you get full access to all the folders of the models
   * unedited raw pictures
   * behind the scenes photos and videos
   * full access to artistic shots
Subscription is ONLY $19.95 a month.
It is definitely cheaper than your monthly Starbucks budget.
The fee usually goes to the database handing and the storage fees of the photos.
And we also like our photos to be enjoyed by our loyal followers and clientele.

With professionalism, responsibility, personal commitment, creativity, aesthetics, enthusiasm, imagination and above all endless love and passion for the art of male photography, Subscribe TODAY.



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