December 14, 2016

Shirtless Carlos

IMG_8452 is a website portal of all raw and unedited pictures of aspiring male models. Each model has about 3 to 5 albums, each contains about 50 or more pictures. It's aim is to provide an aspiring model an avenue to be know by potential casting agents, casting roll and production companies.

Want to see more

Of course you can, you have the ability to scroll down and choose among the albums. It is available on our member's area. At our member's area, you will also get to view our behind the scenes videos of full shoots. Videos that are not allowed on youtube are shown there. Our mission is to provide you a first had seat of an actual photoshoot. You get to enjoy and listen to our conversations and be part of our team.    

Subscribe Right Now 

We would like to thank our followers for viewing our website daily. And for our avid supporters, you may enjoy the full set of the shots by becoming a member. It is only $19.95 per month. It is way cheaper than your montly Starbucks budget. 

What to expect at the member's site? 

  • Full complete portfolios of pictures and videos of the shoot. 
  • A normal model set is about 250 photos with 3 to 5 layouts.
  • It also contains some artistic photos and themed photos.  
  • There will be shirtless, fitness and swimwear photos. 
  • The fee will shoulder the expensive database costs.  
  • Live Videos of Photoshoots when available. 
  • There are nude photosets but it is purely for artistic purposes only. 

Just click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON BELOW and you will have immediate access to our member's site.   

Thank you for your support. Subscribe TODAY! CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW.



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