April 29, 2015

My Top Five 5 Comfort Foods

  1. Garlic Lollipop Chicken. It's easy to make and I use the garlic powder for chicken.


2. Nathaniels Buko Pandan Ice Cream.

I lately found out that this ice cream is available at the Fishermall Supermarket. Fishermall Supermarket carries a wide arrange of international grocery products and you will be amazed that this supermarket carries famous imported brands. I'm also shocked that this buko pandan has it's own freezer there. You cannot find this in other supermarkets.


3. Buttered Garlic Prawns. It's easy to prepare and the only costly on this dish is the prawns. A kilo is about 800 pesos at Fishermall Supermarket.

I will still have to learn other style of cooking. It's so easy to cook, it just took me 15 minutes and voila, I had dinner already.


4. My all time favorite soup is Tom Yum Goong. I happened to see a bottle of Tom Yum paste and I just tried cooking it. It still lacked flavor and I will still have to research more on it.


5. Last, it's Suman with Buko. There is something in kakanin that is addicting. I don't know why, but I think it's my Filipino nature.

You can buy these fresh suman at Fishermall Supermarket. It's at the Fishemall along Quezon Avenue, the old Pantranco terminal.


How Many Followers Does Vic Fabe Has?

I'm curious how many people are following me :-)

Here's an update as of April 29,2015

1. Instragram - Around 1,224

I usually use instagram for my food photos. Whenever I eat out or I cook, I take a photo of what I eat and post it on Instragram.

The photo also shows in my personal facebook account.

What I like about instagram is mostly my followers are overseas. Amazing.

2.  Facebook Fanpage - www.facebook.com/vicfabephotostudio

I have about 32,180 followers. I'm quite surprised that this ballooned into this number. Although, I have this for years already.

I post mostly my sexy photos here, usually of naked men. Not totally naked though. I do have a strong but silent following.

Silent because they just like the picture or they just simply view the picture.

3.  Twitter - 547 followers

All my updates from facebook, youtube goes into this, maybe I will focus on specific type of pictures that will come out in my twitter so that I will have more focused followers.

4. Personal Facebook Account - I have 3,098 friends and 8,036 followers.

I still need to trim down the number of friends since I would like my personal fb to be more personal. I usually don't edit my posts here and this is my only venue where I can rant anything I like to rant.

5. Youtube.

My youtube subscribers are 4,044. I post my behind the scenes videos of all my photoshoots since 2008 here. It's unedited and you can even hear the actual conversations.


I can't imagine that I have garnered this number of followers.

My photography is just a hobby. I do not usually look at what other photographers do, I just do my own thing. I photograph people the way I like and I always believe that each one of us have our own crowd and followers.

You don't really have to please everyone.

To recap, here are my followers as of April 2015. 

Instagram - 1,224
Facebook Fanpage - 32,180
Twitter - 547
Facebook Personal - 8,036
Youtube - 4,044


These are genuine followers since I don't do gimmicks just to get likes.

I just want my photos to be liked and I want to have genuine followers. 

If you are a clothing line, perfume business, health, beauty company, beauty services company, you may advertise on my followers in exchange for freebies.
Just text me at 0916.654.5707 if you are interested.

Your freebies will also be given to my clients in photography. Freebies can be discounts on your services. This way, you will also get new customers. :-)



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