December 1, 2015

Ian in Sando


Why is it important to have a model portfolio?

As a model, your profile and your portfolio are your resume. Every shoot you have, whether it be TFP or paid, is a job in which the interview process happens before someone even contacts you, so they need to both be well maintained and you should have updated pictures every 6 months.

Your profile – Keep it HONEST

When showcasing your profile, please make sure that is honest and concise. You should state the correct height, weight and other vital stats. A potential client will review your pictures and eventually will give you a call if they want to hire you. Your model portfolio is very important in getting your clients. The more natural it is, the better the chances that a potential client will book a job for you.

What's important is that you are completely honest about your physical appearance and clearly indicate if you have any scars or body tattoos.

If you need a model portfolio, you can have it today. Our services are open daily by appointment, Monday to Sundays, 2pm onwards.
Just give us a text at 0916.654.5707, please avoid making a call since we do not answer calls that are not in our address book.


You can view the other male model portfolios, just click on the thumbnail on your right side of the screen.


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