October 26, 2014

Nicklieyet Model Portfolio

Sample Layout for Fabe Magazine

Fabe Magazine December Issue 2014 Aspiring Models

Jake Cuenca Almost Naked

Jake Cuenca almost naked. Showing little to the imagination already.

Very Brave.

Jake Elbo Setcard

A sample model setcard.

Have one today. Only 1,500, it includes the photoshoot and the hair and make up.

Text Vic at 0916.654.5707

Converting a GIF file to a JPG

Everything now is online. I was having a hard time converting a GIF file into a JPG one. I'm using the image for my website but the problem is when I upload my image on my flickr account, the white background turns into black. So I needed something to convert my GIF file into a JPG one.

I tried photoshop by using the Save As method, but still no help.

Until I searched online and found this useful tool.

They will convert your GIF file into a JPG file.....FOR FREE.


The website is www.online-convert.com

Here is the link

Original Image in GIF file. Once you upload it to Flickr, the white background turns into black.


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