May 7, 2014

How much is the Tuition Fee of Grade 3 Miriam College for Schoolyear 2014 - 2015

Today is the Grade 3 enrollment at Miriam College.

The tuition fee for Grade 3 at Miriam is Php 91,538.00 pesos if you pay in cash.

They do offer two other payment options.

Plan B at 2 payments

Upon enrollment :          Php 45,769.00
September 19, 2014             43,371.00
Total                             Php 93,140.00

Plan C at 4 payments

Upon Enrollment           Php 35,383.00
July 22,2014                        27,269.00
September 19, 2014            15,598.00
November 20, 2014            15,312.00
Total                            Php 93,562.00

This is my daughters' 5th year at Miriam College. She started her First Step here.

Usually I get the Plan C payment since the difference with Plan B is minimal.

One thing that I don't like in Miriam's Policy is that they charge a 2% penalty if you don't pay on time. I don't know why they do this. They just implemented this I think, 2 years ago. They always promote to be good and kind to others but they practice another thing inside. Maybe they are really into money making.

With regards to their curriculum, I don't have a problem. Actually, it is very rigid. I myself find the training rigorous considering I went to exclusive schools too.. I don't remember my assignments to be that hard.

The amounts given are inclusive of everything EXCEPT uniforms and textbooks.

The textbooks alone, please allot Php 10,000 pesos..-parang college lang no..he he

The uniforms on the other hand is about 5,000 pesos but if you have existing uniforms, it will do, maybe you just need to buy the PE uniforms and the socks. Miriam has it's own socks. You cannot wear any other socks just the Miriam socks. It's the same price with the department stores so it's just ok.

Hope you find it useful.

Rodel Tuazon Model Portfolio

Rodel is from Pampanga. He contacted me since he will be joining a local pageant. He needed pictures for his go see.

Rodel Tuazon

Are you an Aspiring Model?
Do you need a model portfolio or recent pictures of yourself.
Have one taken, Only Php 1,500 pesos
The fee includes Hair and Make up and a 
CD copy of your shots after your photoshoot.
Just bring 2 sets of outfits/any theme will do.
Just text me at 0916.654.5707 or call me at 357.50.11 to book your schedule.
You can also be part of FABE Magazine, 4th issue.



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