May 6, 2014

Choices for Singapore Hotels

I have a coming vacation next week and usually I have a travel budget, meaning I have limitations.

First I check the prices of the airfares, if it is within reason then the vacation is a go. It is a treat to myself with my brother. We plan to go around Southeast Asia. First stop is Singapore.

I usually check because they offer Paypal payment. It's very secure and it's fast. I have a Paypal account and I usually use this since it's fraud free.

Once I make a search on Agoda then I go to since they do have customer reviews of all the hotels. It's helps a lot in making the final decision.

My budget per night for Singapore is only Php 5,000.

Here are my options:

1. York Hotel at Php 6,886 a night

2. Amara Hotel at Php 5,319 a night

3. Rendezvous Hotel at Php 6,000 a night - I have stayed at this hotel years ago. I had pleasant memories on this hotel since it is beside a mall and a cinema that is open 24 hours. Amazing isn't it. But that is about 8 years ago, you can just imagine how forward Singapore is.

4. Orchard Parade at Php 6,748 a night. It's near Orchard Road, the only shopping district in Singapore.

5. Village Hotel Bugis at Php 4,218.

All the rates do not include the 10 percent Singapore Tax.

I'm not sure on what hotel will I buy. I'm still looking for other options.

By the way, the purpose of me going to Singapore is just to go to Universal Studios.

Hope it won't disappoint.

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