May 1, 2014

Top 3 HOT Pictures of Axel Torres

The moment I saw him on tv, he was hot. I just came back from Boracay and when I opened my tv, it was tuned in to ABS and the program was Pinoy Big Brother.

They have a great pool of kids for this season and I'm sure it is going to be a big hit again.

One of my favorites is Axel Torres.

He is not only cute, but smart as well.


Tokidoki is in Manila

If you love anything Japanese, then, you are a sure in for a treat.

Tokidoki is here in Manila. They do have an exhibit at the main atrium of SM North, The Block. My first encounter of Tokidoki is at Rustans Shangrila. I saw a cute sling bag with all the Japanese drawings on it. I bought it immediately. It was about 3k plus. Later I knew that it was a women's bag...ha ha... But I was so amazed by the drawings that I told myself I should have it.

The Tokidoki exhibit features it's different drawings. Hope you can pass by SM North Edsa, The Block.

Entrance is FREE.

Laura and Dylan in their poses

Tokidoki meets Spongebob

A huge Tokidoki doll

My own Tokidoki SELFIE

Tokidoki dolls

Tokidoki Marvel Caps

They also sell Tokidoki merchandise. I have to go back to buy some. 
My hoarder in me just got activated.

I like to buy everything

My three selfies

As usual my kids are not that interested, but Dylan always introduces Spongebob to all of them.

If you are a Tokidoki fan, I highly recommend that you go now. I'm not sure how long will the exhibit be.


How to Pay your Philippine Airlines booking through 7 Eleven

Booking airfares during peak season is crazy. I did just that.

I had a sudden urge to go to Boracay and this left me with no choice but to pay full prices on airfares. But one problem of mine is that I ran out of credit on my credit card. I usually book Cebu Pacific since it's easy to pay through BDO online banking. However, this time, one ticket is needed to be booked by Philippine Airlines. We were four people travelling and there are only 3 remaining seats on Cebu Pacific, this left me with no choice but to book Philippine Airlines.

I was surprised to learn that you can pay your flight bookings at selected Petron Stations and 7 Eleven. Imagine, 7 Eleven. They do have a list of accredited 7 elevens. It's a good thing that all 7 elevens located in Scout Area accepts PAL payments.

I paid my booking at the 7 Eleven in front of Saint Pauls Church. I just gave them the Reference number and in about 5 minutes, it was paid. Just make sure that you keep the receipt.

After 5 hours, I received an email from PAL confirming my flight booking.

Amazing, isn't it.

*The price indicated which was 8,000 plus is just one way, crazy fares during Summer.



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