April 25, 2014

Beggars can't be choosers in Boracay

Today is April 24 and I am here in Boracay for a spur of the moment vacation. I had a client on Monday and he will have a Dragon Boat Competition here at Boracay. Direk Archie who is my fashion show director, happens to be here in Manila also and will be going to Boracay. I also got interested to go here in Boracay too.

Booking the flight is a race game. Seats are limited and the fares are all FULL PRICE. Since we are a group of 4, my 2 kids and their nanny, Ate Bebeng, I am expecting that this short vacation will be a very expensive one.

I was able to buy a Tiger Air flight. This will be my first time to fly Tiger Air. I bought the ticket through Cebu Pacific online but take note that Tiger Air departs at the Old Domestic Terminal. It is a good thing that I went to the airport very early, arrived around 130pm for my 5pm flight. Got the shock of my life when I used their self check in kiosks that it is a Tiger Airways ticket. I assumed that if I bought the ticket at the cebupacific online then you should depart on terminal 4...Big mistake.

My one way flight costed about 15k plus.

Flight done and now comes the hotel.

My favorite hotel in Boracay Is Boracay Regency. They are expensive but they offer excellent service. However, they are fully booked. My choices in agoda.com were The Sofia Hotel which is on the hillside; the Cohiba hills also on the hillside and Nandana Hotel which is at the beachfront.

I also checked Shangrila Boracay and they are too, fully booked considering Im a Shangrila member.

My kids love the pool rather than the beach so I really  need to book a hotel that has a pool but the price should be cheap since my airfares are very expensive already.

My consideration on the other hand is that it should be close to the beach since I am a person who is overweight and I easily get tired so my hotel should be nearby always. I also have a very sensitive stomach also...so you know what I mean...my hotel should be on the beach side.

Anyway, I really have no choice but to pick Nandana Resort Hotel since it answers to my 2 considerations. Rooms are 8k plus a night. My total bill for 3 nights is about 26k plus.

Take note that they will charge 12 percent tax. Rates online just show the base rate with no taxes.

I booked the room through Hotels.com. ....I also got a big surprise when I checked in....A surprise so Big that its either you get really mad or just totally burn the hotel down..that mad ha ha. I will share this on another post.

Well, on this trip there will be no shopping but it will be purely family bonding. I too impose limits to myself on spending.

Now, back on booking my return flights. Its the same story, full priced fares again.

Things to consider when going to Boracay for a person like me that have irregular work schedules.

1. Choose the airline that is most convenient for you regardless of the airfare. I choose Cebu Pacific because the airport there allows overnight parking. It is very convenient. The downside is that it is popular among people like me so come early to park so you won't get stressed out. I alloted 5 hours lead time.

2. Choose the hotel that will answer your top considerations. Price is relative. You will never remember how much you spent on that trip. What you remember are the memories. 

3. Always bring extra, extra cash. Surprises are expected.




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