April 19, 2014

Moira Lacambra at the FABE Fashion Show at the World Trade Center

Moira Lacambra will perform at the FABE Fashion Show 

Moira Lacambra and Chiessa Ong


Matthew Chapman at SM Center Las Pinas

Matthew Chapman at the FABE Show at SM Center Las Pinas


Louie Villanueva Model Portfolio

Louie is a graduate of San Beda College.


Joyriding with my Mercedes Benz

Making wacky poses during our joyride this Holy Friday.

One of my bucket list was to buy myself a Mercedes Benz car. Finally, I was able to achieve this. Now, my other bucket list is to buy myself a house at Corinthian Gardens. I'm not a politician just a simple businessman. I still have an existing house mortgage but it's still 5 years to go to be fully paid. Patience and with God's grace. Whatever I do, it's always God's will. But of course you have to work hard, really, really hard. :-)


Amazing Easter Egg Tree at Eastwood City

Eastwood is known for office buildings. I rarely go there unless there is a concert in that place. They are usually known for events and they do really have a great event coming up for Easter 2014. As we went up to go out to eat outside, we passed by this peculiar tree with a lot of eggs hanging on it. The eggs were different in sizes and colors. I'm not sure if it is made of plastic but it looks cute.

I'm not sure what is the drama behind this during Easter Sunday, but the concept itself is just amazing.

Overbooked Friday's Restaurant at Eastwood

It's Holy Friday 2014 and almost all of my friends are outside Manila. Laura and Dylan was bored in the house and asked me if we could have a joyride. I asked Jovie if she can join me for the joyride, and she agreed. We went to BGC first with a plan to have a dinner but the whole place was full. Most of the shops were closed but all the major restaurants were open. Since our plan was to have dinner, then I was happy that I saw some restaurants that are open. However, parking was horrible. The waiting line seems not to move, so I decided to go to Eastwood instead hoping that we could find parking.

Traffic in Manila was so, so light. We arrived in BGC from my place in Q.C. in just 15 minutes, then to Eastwood around that time. There are so many road repairs and my speed was not that fast. I have a heavily tinted windshield and I can hardly see the road barriers so I was careful in driving.

When we arrived at Eastwood, the mall was closed but the surrounding restaurants were open. Almost all are full except Red Crabs. I initially want Red Crabs but Laura insisted that we eat at Friday's Restaurant. We were number 2 in the waiting list but it only took 3 minutes and our table was ready. I did not expect the place to be so HUGE. It has a second floor. We were placed into a conference room like. I presume this is where they hold the private functions and parties.

There in full staff, our server was Donna. Food at Friday's is expensive. I used to have a discount card that I purchased for 2,500 a year ago but I hardly eat in their restaurants. Unfortunately, it expired last March 22.

Anyway, we ordered their grilled chicken. GREAT!. And the Filipino style Liempo for Jovie. YUMMY! Laura had the same food as me while Dylan was happy with the Buffalo Wings. I asked not to mixed it with the chili sauce and Dylan was happy with his fried chicken.

My total bill for tonight was about Php 2,145.

It's really expensive here in Manila.


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