April 28, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Nandana Resort Hotel Boracay

Nandana Resort Hotel is fairly a new hotel. It is expensive and they do charge per person. Meaning it is not family friendly. If you have children as young as 5 years old, it is treated like an adult already. I went there with my 2 kids with my Nanny and the front desk charged us at 4 person.

Average room per night for 2 persons is 10k with taxes. For the 2 kids, they charged me 1,200 for my girl who is 6 years old and 800 for my boy who is 5 years. In fact, I even lied about their ages. They are actually 7 and 6. So I paid about 26,000 plus for the room plus the 6,000 that was not on my budget for the kids. They did provide an extra bed so I was just ok with it.

I'm a person who always think on the bright side. Rather than get mad at the front desk, I just reasoned on my mind that the hotel is along the beachfront which is a great plus for the kids. I'm also an overweight person and literally there is no walk between the hotel and the beach. Once you step outside their doors, you will feel the sand already.

I arrived around the 8.30 at night and I was dropped off by the tricycle driver a the 24 mini store, it's actually in front of the Crown Regency Resort. You will have to walk in a dark alley going to the beach. I felt nervous at first but since it's Boracay, I never heard of any reported muggings that happen in the island. The worst people that I might encounter will be drunk people and that's it.

Once you reach the end of the trail, you will see a sign Mecca and the building where is it is the Nandana Resort Hotel. Very convenient indeed. No more stress in looking for the place. Mind you it's sand already and it's hard to push your luggage on sand.

We had some pictures at the lobby.

Furniture by Dedon

Me, Laura, Dylan and my Nanny Ate Bebeng

1. It has a Convenient Location. The trail that you go down along the main road, the end of it is the hotel already.

I saw this resort Rial Maris along the tiny walkway. 
It was quite charming, it also has a pool.

2. It has two big, comfortable beds. It has white linens and soft pillows. Wi Fi is offered but it is non existent. So it is advisable to bring your own wifi. I brought my LTE Smart wifi. It is fast.

That's the extra bed. It's a single bed with two pillows. 

With Tootbrush and Toothpaste. Worth the price.

I really don't like toilets that have the flush on the back. 
I like flushing it while sitting down.

Rain like shower. I LOVE THIS.
The first time I encountered this shower was at the business class lounge of Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong.

Nice room furniture.

Breakfast place of Nandana Resort Hotel in Boracay

Their breakfast selection is basic. It's not delicious pa.
Anyway, they have bacon and the omelette station so I am happy with it na.
My children are not picky eaters as well.
But with a room price of 10,000 pesos a night, it should have a bountiful breakfast.

3. They have an indoor pool with a canopy above it. I find this useful since my routine is to go to the beach to swim every morning until 12 noon and my kids and I will transfer to the indoor pool until 4pm before heading back to the beach again.

This is perfect since the last time we had our Boracay vacation, we stayed at the wonderful Boracay Regency - also along the beachfront - but their pool is open. So when we went home, we were truly burned. My kids had awful sunburns, black marks on their faces. 

This covered pool was truly a blessing. My kids really love the water and they are happy if they are in it the whole day, with no complaints. They don't even like to go out and stroll along the beach. 

This is the beach fronting the hotel.
The downside is that it is a parking for the boats for the island tours.
Around 5 meters on the right, there is a cordoned area for the beach swimmers. 
It's right in front of Astoria hotel, which is actually beside Nandana Resort Hotel.

They do offer towels that you can bring to the beach.
Just return it at the concierge after using it.

The pool is kinda exclusive.
The hotel has limited guests so it's nice to swim in a pool by yourselves.

My own selfie, at the background is the hotel's signage.

Room 317, my hotel room at Nandana Resort Hotel

Taken from the 3rd Floor.
Laura and Dylan swimming

4. Very cheerful and accommodating staff.

The hotel staff were always smiling. The concierge was so helpful.
The guards like to open the doors for you, you feel like a VIP.

I'm a Dedon fan.
I was happy that the furniture at the lobby are by Dedon.

5.  It's along the beach LITERALLY.

Once you step out of the hotel, you are in the white beach. Just a few steps is the beach already.

Hair braiding in Boracay. Only 150 pesos

Thanks Oracare for the freebies

With Direk Archie Barcelona, my fashion show director

There are a lot of restaurant choices once you step out of the hotel. Just choose your budget. I budget about 1,500 per meal for the 4 of us. Well, I love to taste different kind of food without really finishing everything. That's why my bill is quite high.

Hope you enjoy your Boracay vacation too.

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