January 1, 2014

After the Show Pictures of the Disney Christmas Show

It is been a tradition that we watch the annual Disney Christmas Show of Feld Entertainment. It brings back the kid in me again. Since I'm a little tight on the budget at this time, I just bought the upper box tickets at only 600 pesos only. Our total tickets amounted to 1,800 pesos only but what broke my wallet are the souvenirs. Each one was priced at least 450 pesos. 

The green cap of Dylan costs 350 pesos.

Rapunzel hair of Laura was 550 pesos.

The green Tinkerbell toy at the right hand of Laura was 550 pesos.

Shopping at a Disney store can be addicting. The  merchandise looks so good that you end up buying and buying stuff.

Till our next year Disney show again.

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