December 27, 2013

Dinner at Omakase at Il Terrazo

It's the 26th of December, 2013. I had a cover shoot with Ruru Madrid for DARE Magazine. The shoot ended around 8pm and I immediately called home to tell my nanny that I will pick up the kids. As usual, we spent some tsismis time with my staff and ended abruptly when my daughter Laura called me and asked me where I am.

My house is just 5 minutes away from my studio and Dylan was already sleeping. Her sister woke him up and told him that we are going out. As seen in the pictures, he was not in a good mood. Good thing I had my ipad and this perked him up.

We went to eat dinner at Omasake, a Japanese restaurant at Il Terrazo. Il Terrazo is a small mall that is located in the Scout Area. It would have been nice if it also has clothing merchants around. The building is full of restaurants only so after you eat, you don't have anything to do there anymore. I hope the owner which is the Hang Ten family will consider having clothing products as their merchants. This way, there is a reason to go there aside from eating.

The food that I like at Omasake was the chicken teriyaki, It's only 195 pesos and its affordable. I also tried ordering their Tonkatsudon, fried pork chop, but the slice is to thin, you only get to taste the breadcrumbs instead of the pork - so don't order this.

The raspberry tea also needs improvement. I should have ordered water instead.

Laura was clamoring for ice cream so they have the dessert, Banana nut a la mode, or simply vanilla ice cream with banana turon. The banana turon lacks sweetness but vanilla ice cream solved the night for Laura. She was I'm happy too.

Will I come back to Omasake? Yes, for their Chicken Teriyakidon, I just love this dish.

My overall bill was about 600 pesos. Not bad at all.



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