April 16, 2013

Bert Male Model Folio

Bertz Model

Vic Fabe Photography


Bertz folio for the Glam issue

Vic Fabe Photography

FABE MAGAZINE Summer Edition is Printed Today

April 15 is the day when the summer issue of FABE Magazine is printed. It will take 2 weeks to finish, then it will be shipped to the bookstores already. It's always a milestone for me since the project is a labor of love literally. It's super expensive to produce a magazine and with no outside help and the finances comes from my own pocket together with my loyal clients. I already learned to look at the bright side....ALWAYS.

This is one of the editorials inside the magazine. Styling made by Darrell Bautista.

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What are picas in indesign?

You should always learn something new every day. That's why my parents always tell me to read a book, study something new, do something new to nourish your brain. Never stop learning.

One new thing that I have learned is to do layouts with Adobe Indesign. It's sounds hard at first but eventually with books, you will learn it.

When you create a new document, the default size is in picas. As a rule of thumb.

6 picas = to one inch

So depending the document size, just compute it by multiplying the inches with the "6", then you will arrive at the right number of picas.

Hope this helps. 


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