January 14, 2013

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - FABE MAGAZINE for Aspiring Models

1. Where are you located?

We are located in 30 Timog Avenue, in Quezon City, Manila.

Photoshoots are done at the FABE Photo Studio at Ground Floor, ESNA Building, 30 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.
Contact numbers : 0942.350.5285 or 0916.654.5707 

If you're an aspiring model that is based outside Metro Manila, you can still join. Please email me at fabevic@yahoo.com for details.


2. Is there any height and age requirement?

Age requirement is 5 years and above.

There is NO Height requirement. Anyone can join, this is a print magazine project.

Anyone can join as long as you are an aspiring model. This print magazine project will help advertise yourself into a wider audience. 


3. How to Register

- Everyone will have a photoshoot then we will get one picture from that photoshoot that we will publish in the FABE print magazine.

- Photoshoots are by schedule. It is available Mondays to Sundays - 2pm to 9pm.

- Please schedule your photoshoot by texting 0942.350.5285 or at 0916.654.5707 

- What do you need to bring for your photoshoot - please bring 3 sets of clothes / summer theme  and the registration fee of 3,500 pesos only. No more other fees. If you don't have clothes, we can provide it for you.


4. Is there a screening?

There is no screening. It is open to all aspiring models from 5 years and above. 

We only wish that you have a clear and clean face. Models should have these qualities.


5.  Up to when is the Registration

The registration is until February 28, 2013 Only. Those who will register after that will be included in the next issue of FABE Magazine already.


6. Can I pay the registration fee by bank?


Yes, you can pay the registration fee by bank deposit.
Details are below :


Details for the Bank Deposit :

Banco De Oro - Tomas Morato Branch

Savings Account No : 115-007-8020

Account Name : Victoriano Raymund Fabe


7. Can models outside Manila can join?

Yes they can. If you can group yourselves into 6 registrants, then I can fly to your place and do the photoshoots. 

If you're only one, you can still join, just send me a picture of yourself that will be printed on the magazine, please include all your contact details since this will be included in the magazine. Send it to fabevic@yahoo.com


8. Why do we have to pay

There is a registration fee because this will shoulder the print costs. The magazine is a project for all aspiring models. FABE Magazine is available at all National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Fully Booked. Your pictures will be on that magazine and you are able to advertise yourself as a model to potential business owners and photographers. It helps you generate a wider audience and at the same time provide you maximum print exposure. 


9. Is this a scam 

FABE MAGAZINE is already available on all NATIONAL BOOKSTORES, POWERBOOKS and FULLY BOOKED in Metro Manila. Just go to the bookstore and buy the magazine yourself. You can find the contact numbers there and verify it with the contact numbers here.

Our aim is to provide aspiring models an opportunity to come out in a major magazine. It is up to you if you want to take that chance and grab the opportunity to be exposed to a wider audience. 

All registrants will have their pictures printed on the magazine. It will also contain all your contact details in case someone would like to contact you for projects. The fee is very reasonable considering the exposure that you will get from the project.

To join is so easy, just text Vic at 0942.350.52.85 or at 0916.654.5707 to schedule your photoshoot. If you're from outside Manila, photoshoots can be made at your city if you're a group of 6 or more.

You may email me at fabevic@yahoo.com if you have any more questions. 



With Dominic Roque


Was able to work with him for FABE Magazine.



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