December 9, 2013

A Powerful Yeng Constantino Concert

I arrived around 7pm for the Yeng Constantino Birthday concert at the Samsung Hall at SM Aura. The lobby was half full of concert goers already. It's my first time to go to a Yeng Constantino Concert and the song that I knew of her is Chinito. It's the favorite song of my stylist, Darrell Bautista.

Samsung Hall is quite small. It's perfect for an intimate concert or if you are still a newbie. There is no pressure to fill up the whole venue since seating space is about 1,000 seats. It's perfect for singers and bands that are looking for a not so big venue.

The concert was amazing. Yeng was generous enough to go up to the seats and she was already beside me singing. Too bad that their camera man blocked my view. I should have kicked him. :-)

I will definitely watch her concert again.

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