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February 9, 2013

What would you do if it's the end of the world?

After a busy day of photoshoots, I usually watch a dvd movie before I go to sleep. Tonight, I watched the movie Seeking A Friend for the end of the World. I have seen this movie at the theaters but I still bought the dvd since I love the soundtrack of it and at the same time, it gives you a realization that you should do things that is important in your life.

What are the things that I will do if it's the end of the world?

  1. Look for my first love. I never had closure with him. I'll will play this song at the background while we are talking.

2. Visit my grandparent's graves. I was specially close to my paternal grandfather. I think because I carry his name. He was a very quiet but thrifty man. I just miss him since he always give me money just to buy myself dirty ice cream. 

3. I would buy all the jewelry that I can afford. I particularly like Longines watches.

4. I will stop working and will just spend the remaining days with my family.


Watching the movie, Seeking a Friend for the end of the world, shows you that if there is no tomorrow then life is not worth living for. Very True isn't it.

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