September 14, 2012

Georgina Wilson at the Bench Universe Fashion Show 2012

Georgina Wilson catwalked at the Bench Universe Fashion Show last night, Sept. 13. It's the first of 2 shows.

Lovie Poe in a Blue Sea Urchin Thingy at the Bench Universe Fashion Show

I'm not really sure what is this but the grand entrance of Lovi Poe was something to remember.

Coco Martin rocked the Bench Universe Fashion Show at the Mall of Asia

Coco Martin got the loudest response from the audience that night. He is indeed the most famous celebrity in town.

The wings accessories is made by Cary Santiago - this is just my assumption since this was the portion where they showcase the design of Cary Santiago.

Coco Martin really worked the crowd. He was glad to see all of his fans.

Awesome White Head Pieces at the Bench Universe Fashion Show

Buffed Body of Diether Ocampo at the Bench Universe Fashion Show

Diether Ocampo at the Bench Universe Fashion Show

Diether Ocampo at the #BenchUniverse show

Everyone was guessing who this was. I thought it was Piolo Pascual :-)

The Wanted Tonight at NBC Tent Manila

The Wanted is in Manila tonight. I hope I can watch it later tonight. It's going to be some dancing I'm sure.

Bench Universe Fashion Show Pictures #BenchUniverse

Bench  Universe Fashion Show Pictures. Taken from the Lower Box.

Kim Chiu opens Bench Universe Fashion Show

This is Kim Chiu. It's unfortunate that most of the pictures are on "side view" because the layout of the MOA Arena is like a box. Unlike in Araneta Coliseum which is round so you get to have nice pictures. It's just unfortunate since 3/4ths of the audience are looking the show in "Side View". And the big monitors is at the back. In my case, its on my right side. So if I need to see who is walking, I need to look to the side instead of looking at the stage. It's just sad that you don't get the see the full show considering it has so many beautiful effects. It's like watching a Lady Gaga concert. :-)

Kim Chiu's skirt was amazing.

First Segment Pictures of the Bench Universe Fashion Show

First segment of the Bench fashion show. Reminds you of the British Royal Soldiers. 


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