August 19, 2012

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"Eating ilocano food yummy "

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My Seatmates at the 3rd Anniversary of Thaidara

A great mix of people during the 3rd Anniversary party of Thaidara.  The food was so yummy.

Meeting Ian Alquiros Again #reunion #mentor #photography

Ian Alquiros is the one who told me to go into photography. I had a vacant unit on one of the condominiums in Ortigas. We went there once to do a shoot. He told me that why don't I make it into a photo studio. And because of that, I learned a new hobby which is photography. This was 4 years ago.

Glad to meet again my idol and mentor. Thanks Ian.

Chef James of Thaidara

James Bon - the other partner of Thaidara. Equally handsome too.

My Dinner during the 3rd Anniversary of Thaidara Restaurant at Granada

This is the best Thai Tea Ice Cream

Unlimited 4 Seasons

Hot Soup

Dynamite Wing

Salmon with Mangoes

Pork Satae - Yum Yum

Pad Thai - the best in my opinion among Thai Restaurants in Metro Manila

Pandan Sticky Rice with Mangoes - I ate two servings

The menu card.

Celebrated the 3rd Year Anniversary of Thaidara Restaurant

I'm glad that I attended the 3rd Year anniversary of Thaidara Restaurant along Granada, New Manila. I'm with the Chef Owner - James. I enjoy eating his food. It's so delicious. I already told him that I will buy a franchise of his restaurant. It's a 2 year plan for me. I'm blessed I have very talented friends.

Robinsons Magnolia Now Open

I used to live in New Manila and I always pass by the Magnolia house everyday. Today now, it's a Robinson's Mall. AMAZING. 

I think I'll buy a condominium unit there. 

Precious Model Portfolio #beautiful #filipinas #models

Children's Fashion Show in Quezon City this October

Laura will be joining the October 2012 Fashion Show. Children are welcome. Register Today. 0916.654.5707.

Moi Ching for the October Fashion Show #femalemodels

Moi Ching will be joining my October Fashion Show.

Divine Smith for Shot Magazine @divinesmith2010 #DivineSmithPBBU #pbb

Divine Smith for Shot Magazine, available nationwide.

Andrew Gan Male Model Portfolio #malemodels

Joshua Model Portfolio #malemodels #fitness

The different faces of Joshua Green.

Josh Model Setcard Portfolio in Quezon City

Josh is a DLSU student. He's a cousin of a client of mine. He was just a chaperone of his cousin and ended up my subject instead.

Allan Cotaco Model Portfolio


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