August 11, 2012

Migs 3

FABE Calendar Project 2013. More of Migs here.

Migs 1

Migs 2 here.

Migs 2

Sample Male Model Setcards in Manila

Need a model setcard, please text me at 0916.654.5707

Haru Model Portfolio

Mark Balingit Model Portfolio

Mark for the FABE Calendar 2013.

Precious for the October Fashion Show 2012

Precious is a tall girl. She is perfect for the ramp.

Tutsie Model Setcard Portfolio

Tutsie is the image model of Fanny Serrano for L'Oreal.

Rave Model Portfolio Setcard

Sample photos for a sample model setcard.

Just send me a message at if you need one.

Migs Model Portfolio and Setcard

Model Setcard Services in Quezon City.

Just text me at 0916.654.5707

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