August 6, 2012

Buying Magazines de-stress ME

I'm usually stressed out month in and month out because of my high amortization on the 7 properties that I bought when I started to adopt my 2 kids. I thought it was easy then when I was still single but with the kids growing up, it proved to be a major, major challenge.

It's a good thing that I have pampered myself with all the unnecessary luxuries in life when I was still a bachelor. I travelled extensively and have been to Africa which was my dream destination back then. With all the shopping and spending extravagantly when I was still single, I myself don't have any regrets where I am today.

My only regret is why I bought a lot of properties in one go. I could have consulted an accounting friend of mine before making this big purchase 7 years ago.

So what de-stresses me, It's MAGAZINES.

I love buying print magazines. I prefer the smell of the magazine, the texture of the paper while I read the articles. I went to National Bookstore today, just to buy some school supplies and ended up buying several magazines.

Here's what I bought :

1. Esquire magazine where Ben Chan is the cover.

2. W Magazine- even though it is expensive at 600 pesos, I buy this magazine every month. Their fashion editorial is always amazing.

3. Yes Magazine- I also buy this magazine monthly. I like reading the articles. It has the best writers. Reading their articles is like talking with their interviewee. You wont feel like it's an article. 

4. Entreprenuer Magazine - I also buy this monthly because this magazine inspires me to be a businessman everyday. It makes me updated on what the current business that are in at the moment.

Then I bought 2 books

1. Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It by Scott Kelby - Scott Kelby gives the best advice to photographers. Simple, basic, direct to the point advices.

2. Harper's Bazaar Greatest Photos Book - I bought this book since it shows wonderful photographs of women wearing beautiful gowns. I'm not that good at shooting women in couture gowns. I see a lot of shoots with other photographers in facebook but they do actually the same thing. I think they come from the same school and their work is exactly the same with each other. I'm looking for other inspirations on how can I approach women photography with my own style. I hope this book will help me in any way.



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