July 5, 2012

Ken with Divine Smith

My make up Ken Ada with Divine Smith. During our photoshoot with her for SHOT Magazine.

Model Setcard Paulo Set 4

Model Setcard of Paulo Set 3

Paulo Model Setcards Set 2

Paulo Set 1

Jared Peg

I always look for sample pictures of male model poses. This allows me to determine if I'm going off board or I'm within the limits. I particularly like the writing on a man's body about a message. I'll try to do this peg this week.

Gone Too Soon Lin Jun

I heard about this Luka Magnotta case but I did not know who was his victim. It's so sad that it was a Chinese international student, Lin Jun.

What happened to him was horrific. So so sad. If you want to know how a serial killer's mind work, please read it here. Very, Very Graphic because it includes videos.

I'm always paranoid when I travel overseas. Safety is always my concern. My mind was with this case for months now. Having seen a movie lately where the plot was a serial killer, it's easy to watch it on the movies but if you see it on the news and actually read how the victim suffered under a serial killer, you get to a pause for a second and realize that there are very, very evil people in the world.

A Surprise Visitor

Another surprise visitor at the studio today is Raffy Garchitorena. He just transferred to Timog and he remembered that my studio was nearby. Glad to meet Raffy again.

A Visit from JR

I have worked with JR 2 years ago. He was still a freshman in college then at UST. I remember that his first fashion show was at Sta. Lucia Mall. He told me  that he will pass by the studio to do some catch up. It's nice to meet again models that you have worked with before.

Unfortunately his acne problem became worse. He really has oily skin. 2 years ago was still manageable since he has a dermatologist then. Anyway, I told him to focus more on his studies since that's what's important. Modeling is an unforgiving career, it's just good when you are still young. 


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