July 1, 2012

The King and I at Resorts World

Beautiful ad displays for the King and I musical concert this September at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World.

I thought it was from the movie Moulan Rouge but I was mistaken. It was for the King and I musical. This elephant display can be found at the second floor of the mall at the open area.

I haven't checked the tickets yet but I think I'll watch this show.


Music 21 Karaoke along Timog Avenue

One of my favorite pasttimes is going to karaoke bars. Music 21 has been managed by Alex since it started in 1999. I can't imagine that my studio will be in front of his establishment in the future. I frequent his place even before because it has a very relaxed atmosphere. It's quite expensive but I like the karaoke system that they have. It is easy to use.

I told Ken, my make up artist to invite his good friend Jolo to join us. It was a fun, fun night.

Meo was the discovery of the night. Meo is the go around person at my studio and he has a talent, he can definitely sing. 


Partying with Kel

I only go to clubs when I am invited. So if you want me to come, I will come..he he. Kel texted me if I can come to his despedida party. It's somewhat like this since he will be away for a month. He picked the Guilly's bar along Tomas Morato. He has some connections there that he was able to sign up our names for the guest list. Guest list come in for free. The normal entrance fee is 300 pesos.

The bar was full as usual and Kel's table is near the entrance so it was not that hot. 

I saw some familiar model faces in the crown. People that I have worked with before. It was an enjoyable night, dancing with Kel and his close buddies.


With sexy women dancers on the ledge.

Abs are indeed abs.

Kel with his close friends.


A Sight to See : Penshoppe All Stars Window Display

I was going around SM Mall of Asia and I saw this wonderful window display of Penshoppe.What a sight to see.



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