June 29, 2012

My Addiction to Anything Bubbly

Bubble Tea the newest tea house along Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

It's my first time to visit this place. 


I ordered this Azuki Red Bean Milk Shake. Got the large size then added two orders of Red Bean.

This is how my drink looks like. And since I saw that they also serve cakes, I ordered three kinds.

A carrot cake, a green cake and slyvanas. My mom, brother and me enjoyed eating it. It's our simple bonding time with our mother.

This looks delicious but when you taste it, it's a bit bitter. It's a coffee cake.

I also ordered this double chocolate milk shake for my baby daughter...she loves everything chocolate.

If I could only fill the whole glass of red beans, I will. Only 25 pesos for an extra serving.

Adzuki taste good. I just forgot to ask the server what Adzuki meant.

With my brother and baby. She absolutely loves Bubble Tea.

I also like the circle lamps. It looks nice. I can't imagine that you can combined different shades of brown with color green. They also have Japanese knick knacks that they place on shelves. It looks cute and like a children's room.

Overall our experience was great. Will be back over and over again to this place.


Allan in #lacoste #shirt

Allan wearing a white Lacoste shirt with a 1927 print on it.


Allan #male #model #filipino



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