June 28, 2012

Male Model Poses by Allan

Allan will join my October fashion show. I hope you get to watch it. You get to see a lot aspiring models. 

Allan is quite tall, around 6ft.


Tuna Sandwich is a Perfect Midnight Snack

I'm addicted to this tuna sandwich by the Freshbar by Big Chill. I usually buy 2 pieces. This would serve as my baon for the movie that I'm going to watch. 

I had one leftover today. I watched the movie Lockout at Trinoma with my make up artist, Ken Ada. It's a good thing that I opened my hand bag and found the paper bag where the tuna sandwich was. It's still as yummy as ever.

Light on the stomach perfect for early morning cravings.


Top 5 Interesting Pictures for Today June 27 2012

I told myself that I should take photos that will interest me daily. It's also one way of improving my craft. I used my ever reliable Canon S95 since it's very quick to take pictures.

First photo I shot was this Porsche sedan that was in front of my van. It's only in Scout Area where you can find a lot of luxury cars roaming around. Most of the businessmen who owns big business live in this area. I like the color of the sedan, it's like light chocolate. This picture was taken near the PBB house. I just live in the area.

This photo of a Lerimar delivery van captured my attention because of the two sleeping workers on the front seat. It's about 12 noon and they are really in deep sleep. I wonder what time of day did they start working since from the looks of their faces, they are really tired. It also shows the face of tired fathers. You can see how our fathers really work hard for their families.

This photo was meant to capture the guy wearing a white sando. My driver was moving so fast so I was only able to take a picture on his backside. This guy was muscular and you know me, I like taking picture of the male form.

This photo is about these school children going home. I remember the days when I was studying that I just walk home from school. I really had a happy childhood.

Lastly, this photo is about the road widening of the agham road, its the shortcut road from UP to Ateneo. I'm just sad since they got a big portion of the playground of the kids. Manila lacks greenery. They take out big portion of beautiful parks but they don't even touch the squatters. Next to this beautiful park is a squatter colony which is eating the roadway already. Guess what, they never touched it. So it's going to be wide on this part, then it will become a bottle neck after a few meters.  We lack a strong government, I think it will never happen in my lifetime.


Joe Jonas BENCH Billboard in Quezon Avenue cor EDSA

At first I thought it was DJ Callum then when we got nearer and nearer, its Joe Jonas. I usually pass this way going to Trinoma. I just saw this today. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the other BENCH billboard on the other side, it featured the other Hollywood actor. Next time, I'll try to capture some picture. It's hard to get one if you are inside a moving van. :-)



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