June 27, 2012

Kel Padilla Male Model Poses

Male model poses of Kel. I have worked with him for quite sometime now. More upcoming projects with him. See him on television soon.

See more of his pictures here.

Kel Padilla Male Model Pose 2

See the next picture.

Kel Padilla Male Model Pose 3

More of Kel here.

Kel Padilla Male Model Pose 4

See the next picture.

Kel Padilla Male Model Pose 5

See the next picture.

Kel Padilla Male Model Pose 6

More of him here.

Male Model Portfolio of Patrick

Model Portfolio of Patrick.

Looking for a Fashion Show in Manila

Join my fashion show this October.

Top 5 Hot Photos of JC De Vera

I like the lighting of this pictures. It shows the curves of the body of JC De Vera.

Top 4 Hot Photos of Drew Arellano

Drew Arellano started as a commercial model and eventually evolved into a TV personality.

Top 7 Hot Photos of Mark Nelson

Beautiful photos of Mark Nelson.

Top 2 Hot Photos of Aljur Abrenica

Early hot photos of Aljur Abrenica when he was still young.

Top 15 Hot Photos of Adrian Racho

Hot photos of Adrian Racho

Japanese Magazines at the Bubble Tea

All reading materials that are prominently displayed at the entrance of Bubble Tea are from Japan. Everything is Japanese except the customers. I grab one and it read Oceans, A Luxury Life Conscious Magazine. A unique by line. I really need to make my own by line of my photography.

Inside are beautiful photographs of models wearing nice suits and shirts. The prevalent color of the clothes were black. I think this is the color that is saleable for the Japanese market.

The pictures are raw, I can even see the pimple and some facial scars from the male model. The pictures are crisp and I like the emotions of the male model.

I also saw a beautiful advertisement of Gucci, a Gucci men's bag.

I love the bag. Usually this bag cost about 75,000 pesos. But with these powerful photographs, you think that you will also look like that if you carry this bag, which is NOT.

The model on this advertisement evokes sexyness, I so luv it.

Did you notice the fur tail at the bag? I'm not sure if that's a raccoon or its just faux.

Addiction to Bubble Tea

It's my third consecutive day to visit Bubbletea. This is already ADDICTION. My brother introduced this place to me which is right beside Jollibee at Tomas Morato. I immediately got addicted to their drinks because they have red beans on it which are my favorite. RED BEANS..yummy.

For tonight, after having dinner at the Domo Maguro restaurant at Tomas Morato, I invited Meo to join me to have some desserts at Bubble Tea.

I ordered for a Large Taro Milk Shake with an additional serving of Red Beans. Taro is "gabi" in vernacular.  As for Meo, I ordered Azuki Milk Shake for him.

This is the Azuki Milk Shake with black pearls inside.

This is my Taro Milk Shake with black pearls and with my favorite Red Beans. 

I really enjoy the drinks of Bubble Tea. It's sweet, just perfect for me. I'll try not to come to this place again tomorrow. Let's see if I can hold on to my addiction.

What's your face reaction after eating pure Wasabe

It was Meo's first time to eat at a Japanese restaurant. I told him to try to eat the green thing. Since it's a Japanese delicacy and it's sweet. I gave him a big chunk. 

After eating it, he was so poised and kept on eating and drinking lots of water. It was a great bonding moment for us.


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