June 23, 2012

Justine #male #model #asian

Justine is still a senior at DLSU. 

Jolo #male #model #filipino

Jolo is still a sophomore in college.

Mond #stifler #male #model

Mon wearing cottong shirts from Bangkok.

Concon #male #model #asian

Concon is a pep squad leader for DLSU.

Christian #male #model #filipino

Christian is a professional already. He wants to have some pictures taken by me.

Mohsen #male #model #persian

Mhosen model portfolio. He comes from a landed family in Iran. He usually give me pistachios as his presents.

Mon #male #model #stifler

Mon is working already in the corporate world.

Kevin #male #model #filipino

Kevin is still finishing his school in Manila.



Are you an aspiring model and would like to experience a ramp fashion show?
Are you looking for avenues on how to promote yourself as a model?
Do you want to build up your self-confidence?

Then, I would like to invite you to join the FABE Print Magazine and Fashion Show Project this  November 10, 2012 at the Area Events Club, in Tomas Morato. The registration fee is ONLY Php 2,500 pesos.

It includes the following :

1. Photoshoot with Hair and Make up for the Magazine. Just text Vic at 0916.654.5707 to inquire.
2. Inclusion on the first FABE Magazine which will come out at the National Bookstores and Fully Booked. 
3. Inclusion on the FABE Fashion Show this November 10, (Saturday) at the Area Events Club at Tomas Morato, Quezon City
4. Hair and Make up during the fashion show is already included.
5. Clothes during the fashion show will be provided by you.

Get an opportunity to be published and included in the first issue of FABE Magazine. It will come out this November 1, 2012. FABE Magazine is a quarterly publication that features aspiring models. It will be distributed at National Bookstore, Fully Booked and 7-11. The cover for this maiden issue of FABE Magazine is Dominic Roque, he plays Hubert of the highly successful television series, Aryana.

Anyone can join the project. From 6 years and above. All you have to do is to schedule your photoshoot with Vic Fabe at 0916.654.5707. It's best to send an sms/text message first.
Aside from the magazine, there will also be the launching show for the magazine and this is where the fashion show will be held. As an aspiring model, you will be able to experience a live ramp fashion show. It will help conquer your fear. Joining a fashion show will provide you an exposure to other models too. The fashion show will be on October 27 - tentative date.

Children from 6 years and above, teenagers and young adults can join. 
My only criteria is that you have the desire to enter modeling. 

There are no height requirements. No ramp show experience is needed.
This is open for everyone who wants to experience a Print Magazine and Ramp Show Project.


This will include the following :

1. A photoshoot for the print magazine. It includes hair and makeup.
    The photoshoot will be at the

     FABE Photo Studio
     Ground Floor, ESNA Building
     30 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.
     It's beside Mcdonalds & the PNB Building

2. Inclusion at the FABE Ramp Show this October.
    You will have the chance to do an actual ramp show with a live audience.
    A ramp fashion show develops one's confidence. Workshops are just workshops.
    An actual ramp fashion show is totally different.
    Experiencing this is a must if you are an aspiring male or female or a child model.

3. A bulk of my photography clients are aspiring models.
    This project is to provide an avenue for these models to be advertised.
    Rejection is very common in this industry if you have no experience at all.
    Joining this project will provide an opportunity for you to experience a ramp fashion show.
    It will also enable you to have a print magazine exposure.
     I'm sure potential casters will definitely notice you.


1. Please text Vic Fabe at 0916.654.5707. State when do you want your photoshoot?
    Weekday schedule are from 5pm onwards
    Saturdays and Sundays are from 2pm onwards.
    You need to book a reservation since the photoshoot is usually by schedule.

     Vic Fabe - 0916.654.5707  / fabevic@yahoo.com


Yes, Children from 6 yrs old and above can join.
Just text Vic at 0916.654.5707 for your photoshoot schedule.

You can also contact him at fabevic@yahoo.com or through his facebook account


1. Bring at least 3 sets of clothes. Choose your favorite clothes.
    Bring a lot of accessories and bags.
    A fashion stylist will be present during your photoshoot.

2. For Men, please bring 3 shirts. Just choose your favorite shirts.
    Please bring accessories such as necklaces or bandana.
    A stylist will be there at the photoshoot.

3. The photoshoot will be held at the FABE Photo Studio.

    FABE Photo Studio
    Ground Floor, ESNA Building
    30 Timog Avenue, Quezon City
    It's beside PNB Building and Mcdonald's Timog
    Landmark is the Urban Escape Spa

The FABE Magazine will be distributed at National Bookstore, Fully Booked and 7-11 in Metro Manila.

If you have any questions, please text me at 0916.654.5707 - Vic Fabe

Ernest #male #model #asian

Ernest is a college freshman.

Black Fishnet Sando #male #model #filipino

Introducting Zyd again. He's wearing a FABE sando fishnet shirt. 


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