June 20, 2012

Kevin #male model

Kevin is still a dentistry student in Manila.

Zyd #male #model #filipino

Zyd is working to be a flight attendant. Hope he achieves it.

Rueben #male #model

Rueben is an athlete from UST. I just found him at fb. We had common friends.

Jay #male #model

This is the first model portfolio of Jay. He participated on my year end fashion show last year, 2011.

Cyrus #male #model

I first worked with Cyrus when he was still a freshman in college. He's a college graduate already today with a lot of commercial projects in his hand. 

Kian #male #model

Kian is a dentistry student in Manila.

Please send me a message at fabevic@yahoo.com if you want to have a photoshoot with me.


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