June 17, 2012

Model Setcard Services in Quezon City

Front - size is 5 x 7

Back Side

This is a sample model setcard that you will get after your photoshoot. 2pcs 
Additional print is only 50 pesos. 


Do you need a model setcard?

Have one today. Only 1,000 pesos for men and 1,500 for women. (For women, this is for the make up artist)

Model Setcard Fee

Male - 1,000

Female - 1,500 (part of your payment will go the make up artist)

The fee will include the following:

1. Hair and Make for women. Grooming for Men (for the men, please bring some hair gel and concealer)

2. Your initial model setcard. Hard Copy Only 2 printed copies. Additional prints will be 50 pesos each. Soft copy will NOT be given.

3. You will get a hi-resolution copy of all your raw shots (approx. 100 photos) in a CD. 

4. You will also get an edited soft copy of your best pictures. I will choose 10 shots.

5. Cost of Studio Rental is included.

6. Pictures that we are going to use on your setcard will be chosen by yourself. You will choose 3 to 4 pictures.

7. Different layout of the setcard is available at the studio.

What go bring on your photoshoot? (men and women)

1. Bring four (4) of your best outfits. I highly recommend that you bring bright colored shirts, like yellow or blue. As for the women, you may bring dresses or you can also bring a shirt with a pants. It depends entirely on you since this is your setcard.

2. Bring accessories such as caps or shades.

3. Schedule of the shoot is Daily from 2pm onwards. Please do text me at 0916.654.5707 to schedule. I'm by appointment and schedule. You may also email me at fabevic@yahoo.com

What benefits will you get?

1. You will get MAXIMUM exposure. My facebook and website has a lot of visitors.

2. My facebook profile is seen by many influential people and decision makers in the showbiz industry, from event directors, movie directors, indie-movie directors, casters, and potential talent agents that can handle you. 

3. My website receives 52,000 views a month. Your photos will get maximum exposure for possible clients and projects.

4. You can now go to the actual go sees since you have already the printed picture with you.

Contact Numbers



If you have any questions, please email me at fabevic@yahoo.com or text me at 0916.654.5707



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