June 10, 2012

Model Portfolio of Kel

Model Portfolio of Kel

Jessica Sanchez is Coming to Manila this September 21

Jessica Sanchez will be coming to Manila this September 21 as part of the American Idol World Tour.

I'm sure this is going to be a sold out show. Need to save money na for this.

Cheeno Last Set

Last set of Cheeno. Cheeno came to the studio to have his pictures taken. He will use this for the upcoming go see of a television station looking for new talents.

Glamour Photo of Cheeno

Shirtless picture of Cheeno. He will be using these photos for an upcoming go see for a television station.

It's better to try rather not trying at all. 


As a photographer, I wish that I'm as creative as other photographers. But as the saying goes, just be good at what you do best and learn, study and read books to improve your craft.

Other photographers such as Lope Navo has a world of his own. I admire photographers who are so artistically inclined. Talent is a god given gift, unfortunately I'm not blessed with these creative ideas that lurks in one's mind. 

I work by my own and sometimes it is really difficult to think of themes if you are by yourself, specially if your not talented as Lope. I took notice of him when I saw photos that I like and it seemed that the photographer of those photos are Lope Navo. I'm not into highly edited photos what's the purpose of the photo if the work is done by photoshop. But with Lope's work, his pictures speak for themselves. The eyes, the emotions, the passion,,,,I all feel it in his photos.

My photos are always meant to stay one one's mind. That is  my goal for every photoshoot. I don't have connections with couture designers so I really have to sell the model per se since they are not wearing very nice clothes.

I'm just glad that I really like photography and I'm blessed to have known the works of Lope Navo.

Kel Headshot

Kel is one of the most viewed face on my facebook. He's very appealing across the board.

He will be one of the participants of an upcoming reality, sexy show on television.


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