June 3, 2012

Male Model Portfolio of Jay Fajatin

Male model swimwear portfolio of Jay Fajatin. Jay is still a student in Manila.


Sarah Geronimo Concert this July 7, 2012

I was invited by a friend of mine to watch the Sarah Geronimo show this July 7 at the Araneta Coliseum. I'm not yet sure if I'll watch since I'm not really a fan of Sarah. I haven't seen her perform so I'm looking for youtube videos of her singing.

Her ticket prices for the July 7 show at the Araneta coliseum are quite expensive.

PATRON A (Reserved Seating) 3920

PATRON B (Reserved Seating) 3360

LOWER BOX (Reserved Seating) 3360

UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) 1680



Tickets are not yet on sale but they do accept reservations already.


Masculine Photos of Gerard Cortez

Gerard Cortez comes out in television from time to time. He's part of the extras at teleseryes. The pay is only about 500 pesos per shooting and the working hours are gruelling. What's nice about this is that it inculcates in a model that it is really hard to make money in modeling.  But eventually, if you make it big the rewards are very good.


Fierce Editorial by Daniel Jaems

The theme for this editorial shoot is Multiply. I love the poses done by the duo. That is my weakness. I don't know how to make two guys pose together but there is still the element of sexiness. 

Daniel Jaems Photography


Martin Del Rosario makes the Rains Go Away

Here's a picture of Martin del Rosario that will make the cold weather go away.

The rains have come early this year. I hope there would be no Ondoy this year. That was just traumatic.

I'm a fan of Martin del Rosario so please forgive me if I post pictures of him from time to time. I have seen some behind the scenes photos for his new teleserye and it is quite sexy.  


Hot Body Photos of Daniel Jaems

Beautiful masculine body poses by Daniel Jaems Photography. His pictures are more of black and white. I like the mystery look of the models.

The poses are perfect for model setcards.


Two Covers for Joseph Marco for Garage Magazine

I was surprised to see two different covers for the Garage Issue for June 2012. I'm not sure what is the purpose of this marketing strategy. Is it to increase more sales or it's just a plain gimmick. I have seen this on other W publications.

I chose the first photo, the one above. It's more like my style of photography. Less editing since I can see the pores of Joseph Marco. 

I remember Joseph from the teleserye Sabel. There were lots of shirtless and taking off shirts on the scenes.

And those shower scenes.

It pays to have abs in the showbiz industry.


Shirtless Photos of Kel

Kel is one of the popular models on my folio. He has that mass appeal. It appeals to both men and women. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You will never know if one's face is liked by many.


Joe Manganiello is a Stripper

Magic Mike will be a worldwide blockbuster movie. I'm sure of it. With a very strong gay market that has money plus women, this movie is definitely a box office.

The casting is just superb. They have Joe Manganiello of the True Blood fame which is I'm a die hard fan.

Just watch this scene from True Blood. It will surely make your blood boil.

That hot body of Joe Manganiello.

The movie I think is a struggle between love and stripping. Can't they go along together?

We found love in a hopeless place. Magic Mike, the movie soon.


A Celebration, I reached 1,000 likes TODAY

I have a fan page that I never promote. I just upload my photos little by little and let my photos speak for itself. I want my fan page to be a real fan page. It should be my fans not just forced ones. This way, I can upload any racy photos or any photos that I like since people who liked my fan page really liked my pictures.

To the next goal of 2,000. Maybe after a year or two years perhaps. 


Reasonable Tune Up Expense of my Starex Van

My Starex van went haywire last night. It was raining and it's a good thing that I was home. My driver called me up and he asked assistance on my other driver to pick him up. He was stranded near A. Mendoza street at the back of UST.

I had the van serviced today at my regular autoshop. It's located along Scout Castor street in Quezon City. I live in Scout Area that's why.

My driver told me that the problem is with the alternator but during the inspection, the mechanic told me that the fan of the alternator gave way and the some bolt around it also gave way. They fixed the problem and the labor repair was only 3,000 pesos. I also included the regular tune up of the van. 

Excluded are the Valvoline oil, the oil filter and the bolt. The materials amounted to only 1,600. The materials are bought at Gazuto Merchandizing along Panay Avenue, it's in the Pantranco side.

Gazuto Merchandizing is an auto shop that is well equipped with all the car spareparts that you need. In case you encounter car problems and you need some replacements parts, I highly recommend this shop. It's just at the Pantranco area along Panay Avenue.


How to go to Groupon Philippines

I recently bought tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert for today at Groupon.

Their address is at 2241 Don Chino Roces, Makati City.

I tried using google maps for easy navigation.

When I searched the maps, the office is located on the Philippine Inquirer side. Chino Roces is a very, very long road. I plan to use the South Expressway then enter the Kamagong road and then turn right to Chino Roces. I'll just look for number 2241.

Let's see it later when I get the tickets. Please dont forget to print out the coupon so you can get the ticket. This will serve as your receipt.



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