June 1, 2012

More of Kel

More outtakes of the photoshoot of Kel. He did won their local school pagaent at the college level. Unfortunately, for the university wide, he only placed second.

Top 4 Photos of Thierre Di Castro

A fantasy man. Thierre Di Castro is actually Brazilian. He has made a movie already with Cameron Monaghan. They bare it all there.

Watch his personal interview, it's quite interesting.

Asked Questions?

What is your favorite word? HAPPY

What makes cheating? QUICKIES


Nicole in Men in Black 3

I was amazed when I saw Nicole as the sexy girlfriend of a wild beast in the movie, Men in Black 3. Although she has a very short part, she still made her performance memorable.

Unfortunately, you cannot see her at the movie's trailer since her part is really, really short.

I noticed that the body of Will Smith is quite buffed in this movie.

By the way, the boyfriend of Nicole in the movie is this character.

Hot and Sexy Kit Thompson

He's the only person I noticed at the PBB teen edition this year. As for the last PBB where Slater won, I did not notice anyone including Slater.

ABS CBN is really good in taping out talents. If you are HOT, then you will get a project immediately. I'm not sure if he's eviction was orchestrated by the television station since he will be doing a teleserye right away. Imagine, instant project right away.

This is what happened to Enrique Gil too. Both have very strong mass appeal. That's what's important. If your face cannot sell, then no teleserye. 
See how Enrique Gil dance to the dougie, he is hot, hot hot. 

Photoshoot Outtakes of Kel

Kel is a business major in one of the universities here in Manila. He's from Quezon City only.

More of him here.

Outtakes of Kel

Photoshoot outtakes of Kel. You can see more of him here.


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