May 27, 2012

Rayver Cruz for bench/OJ + Rajo Fashion Show

It must be an exciting show tonight. The last time I saw Rayver Cruz was at the Lady Gaga's 2nd show. He was with his girlfriend Christine Reyes. Rayver is very low key. He's also not that tall. He is cute with no make up or no bling bling. He was just wearing an ugly shirt but still he looked cute. His girlfriend, Christine was gorgoeus that night, wearing a black super mini dress with sequins all over. Her hair was also made into a pony tail. She looks like Madonna.

The show for Bench tonight is invitational. 


San Sebastian Justin

Justin has finished his bachelor's degree at San Sebastian. He was with a friend when he came to have a photoshoot with me. I bought the vest from a Korean store in Divisoria. 


Model Portfolio Gerard Cortez

Gerard Cortez for Vic Fabe Photography.

I think he was brought to me by his manager for a model portfolio shoot. He's quite tall around 5' 9". At that time, he was already doing some extra work on television teleseryes. He works more for ABS CBN tv shows. 


Is Michael Cinco IMPALPABLE?

The first time I read the word Impalpable, I don't know what it meant. My first understanding of the word is that it's uncertain. Then I searched it on the dictionary just to make sure and it means :

1. Not perceptible to the touch; intangible.

2. Difficult to perceive or grasp by the mind.

I'm not sure if the word is perfect for a perfume line since the word itself is a tongue twister. However, the model and the poster is just DIVINE. I'm a fan of Michael Cinco way, way back. I just know his name because of his beautiful gowns that I happened to watch during a fashion show many years ago. His work speaks for itself. No need for publicity or news about him. Once you see his work, you will immediately remember his name.

I just recently saw his face on television and he always wear dark shades. It might be his eyebags due to too much work.

This collaboration with Bench has made the Philippines more known worldwide since international models are endorsing their products. 

I'm excited to smell Impalpable. Let's see if the frangrance is difficult to perceive by my mind. I'm not sure if it has a "for men" edition. But anyway, I'll still buy. ALWAYS BUY FILIPINO.


Bernardo Velasco in the Sunshine

One beautiful man, Bernardo Velasco. He's one of my favorite Brazilian models.


Male Model Portfolio : Jao

Personal Portfolio of Jao. He's an accountant based in Riyadh.


Male Model Portfolio : Bobby Ramirez

Gorgeous Bobby Ramirez. He went to the studio with his friend Igee. He ended up being my subject for the day.



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