May 26, 2012

Gino Cabrillas for FABE sportswear

Gino Cabrillas is a professional male model. He's so eash to work with.

Male Model Portfolio Matthew

Male model portfolio of Matthew. He's a student from PMI.

Dusan Reljin Pictures of Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth, the brother of Chris Hemsworth, is tall around 6' 4".

He's also the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus. This beautiful photos of Liam Hemsworth are by Dusan Reljin for GQ Australia.

Body Beautiful Bernard

Bernard is a student from Adamson University. He was accompanying my client for that day and ended up my model too.

Body Beautiful Mik

An artistic shot of Miks. He's a friend of mine that we did some artistic shots. He's half German. 

Male Model Folio : Chris

Male model portfolio of Chris de Chavez.

Chris De Chave Outtakes

More of him here.

Chris is still a student in Manila.

Joe Jonas Arriving in Manila

Joe Jonas arriving in Manila. As usual the fans are so happy to see him.

Male Model Folio Andrei

Andre wearing an all blue sporting attire from FABE. I started with sportswear since my brother is a fitness buff.

Ian Somerhalder Arrives in Manla

Ever sweet and accommodating, Ian Somerhalder, arrives in Manila.

He's very friendly and accommodating to her female fans. I think most of the fans there were airport employees since he was still inside the airport.

Outtakes of Chris de Chavez Set 2

Chris has a very commercial face. Both men and women like him.

Iam Somerhalder at the Philippine Fashion Week

Philippine clothing brand Penshoppe, brought in Ian Somerhalder to be at their fashion show this Philippine Fashion Week. It's getting to be more exciting since there are Hollywood stars that will strut the catwalk.

Beautiful Shirtless Pictures of Chris Hemsworth

He's Australian and I always watch his movies. Chris Hemsworth is Thor and one of the characters of the weird film, Cabin in the Woods. He's also comfortable with his skin that he even posed for the gay magazine, OUT.


Outtakes of Chris' shoot. This was way, way back. Taken at my Ortigas Studio.


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