May 23, 2012

Male Model Folio Bernard

Bernard is the friend of Vince. Vince was my schedule for that day's photoshoot. He brought Bernard to be his chaperone. I told him that he will also pose for me since he looks good also. Both are from Bulacan and study from the same school in Manila.

Vic Fabe Photography
 Fabe Photo Studio
 Ground Floor, ESNA Building
 30 Timog Avenue (beside PNB Timog)
 Quezon City



Kirby Cruz Designs

This is a Kirby Cruz design. I think this was his graduation piece. 


Shooting Omar Vergara

Omar Vergara is very young. He also has a very small body frame. He likes to be a model but I advised him to focus more on commercial projects.


Shirtless Folio Monir

Monir is still a student in Manila. This is his personal model portfolio. This was his first shoot and he came in with a talent agent. It was a fast shoot since he was easy to direct.


Theme : Chains

The model here is Luigi Fernandez.. The chains is a bunch of different chains that I bought at Mental.

I love the face of Luigi but his face is not that popular with my viewers. I really don't know why. Some models have very strong impact while others eventhough they are handsome, have little impact. 

You can view the other photos of Luigi here.


Having My Sweet Dreams

It's about 6 am already. I just have to finish uploading all my Lady Gaga concert pictures before I sleep. 

Good thing I found this picture of Moein.

Good morning EVERYONE.

More of Moein in his shirtless form


Lady Gaga Tshirts at 1,100 pesos

I love concert souvenirs. I buy as many as I want. They are priceless for me. 

This cost 1,100 pesos. I like the graphic design of it. A pink skull.

There is the word "Free Bitch" written on the teeth. 

Her concert dates. This is the main reason why I buy these tshirts. Multiple concerts in every city. AMAZING.

There it is...I love Manila.

14 concert dates in Australia. Based on the news I have read where one Lady Gaga concert is about 1.7 million dollars. Then she will earn almost 24 million dollars on Australia alone. No wonder she earned 150 milllion dollars last year. 

She is indeed the No. 1 Worlwide entertainer today. 

The Lady Gaga Gay Pride Flag. I should have bought 2. I remember my friend Apollo in his apartment at Castro in San Francisco, he even has a gay pride flag that he raises outside his apartment. Very brave man even today.

Thank you Lady Gaga for visiting Manila and giving us an amazing show last night. 


After the Lady Gaga's Concert

I saw a lot of classmates and some friends from way back at the concert. It was like a reunion of some sort. I also met some facebook friends.


Lady Gaga's Encore

Lady Gaga's encore performance. She sang two songs for her encore.



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