May 22, 2012

Bernard Shirtless

Photoshoot outtakes of Bernard


Photoshoot Theme by Karl Lagerfeld

I like this theme. It's most of a post processing theme. More on graphic layout. I'll do this one soon.


Bernard Outtakes 2

Bernard is a model based in Manila. You can see his other photos here.


Bernard Shirtless 1

Outtakes of our shoot with Bernard. Bernard is a full time model and is based in Manila.


Kel in a printed black shirt

Photographing persons that look good in camera is a blessing. I usually work with a lot of individuals who are first timers in a photo studio. Sometimes, they rise up to the occassion but most of the time, they crumble. I don't know if they feel intimidated or they are just afraid. 

Kel was very happy when he came to the studio. He was prepared. This is the first layout of our shoot for this day. 


More of Kel

Kel was brought to me by my assistant Jazz. Ninety percent of the people that I shoot are referrals or my personal photography clients. 

Kel is only 18 years old and he possess a strong charisma. He's very funny and easy to work with. 

More of Kel here.


Fierce Kel

Outtakes of Kel during our photoshoot. Kel studies at a university in E Rodriguez Ave.


Shirtless Christopher

Christopher works for a clothing company. More of Christopher here.


Theme : Muscle Body with Black Background

Chaiwat Thongseng sports editorial. 

This theme is perfect for men who have good physiques. The black background emphasizes the curves of the muscles. But of course, you have to give that alluring eye. You need to get the attention of the viewer. 

You can see other themes that we can do with your photo shoot here.


Henry Cavill Bad Acting

I was excited to watch this movie, The Cold Light of Day. The main reason is the guy on the poster. I also saw the trailer and I love action movies with Bruce Willis in it.

The movie is about a briefcase that Bruce Willis took from Mossad, the CIA of Israel. And because of that, Bruce Willis family was held captive in exchange for that missing briefcase. 

Also in the cast is my ultra favorite, Alien movie star, Sigourney Weaver. She plays the bad girl. I think this is the first movie that I watched where she portrayed the villain.

The main actor, Henry Cavill was the one who was pursued, tortured and tormented. His acting in the movie seems to be over acting, well that's what I felt. With very seasoned actors such as Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver, you can actually tell who is the neophyte actor.

The movie is entertaining with a great car chase scene.

Henry was on my mind even after the movie because of his great physique. Then suddenly I saw a poster of the movie, Immortals, then he was the main character of it. I did not recognize him because in this movie, he has ample chest hair. Very natural unlike in the movie Immortals, he looked like a god.


Look at his chest hair.

This is a screen shot of the movie, as you can see his body is full of hair.

Then you can see his shirtless picture in the movie Immortal. No chest hair at all.



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