May 10, 2012

Andrei wearing a Blue Yoga Short

This is Andrei. He used to be a fitness trainor at Fitness First. 

This photo is one of my early works. He was referred to me by my brother.

He has a strong following among his gym clients that when I posted this picture before, it got a lot of good reviews. 

Enrique Gil doing the Dougie

Enrique Gil doing the Dougie dance.

Teach me how to dougie dance is very sexy. You can only pull it off if you know how to do it. Enrique did. 

Chris Hemsworth Photoshoot with Interview Magazine

Chris Hemsworth photoshoot video with Interview magazine.

I like the blue filter that they used on film. I'm not sure if the film was post processed or they were actually using a blue filter to make the video more tamer, more relaxed. 


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