April 22, 2012

A Giant Ferris Wheel in Manila

FABE Team, Mua - Ken, me, my assistant Jo, my caster Jolo, my senior assistant Jazz.. What's missing, I need a Hair stylist and a Wardrobe Stylist. Just send me a message if you want to work with me.

The picture of the ferris wheel from afar.

My Mua, me, my assistant Jo, my caster Jolo, my senior assistant Jazz


I heard about this month's ago but it's my first time to see it live.

I have ridden the London Eye and it's in the center of the London. It would be nice to ride it in the morning since you can see the by and at the same time see all the building around you. I'll try to ride this next week, I'm curious what's the view on it's highest peak. 


Mall of Asia Baywalk with my FABE Team

Our bonding time with the FABE team is very few. That's why when Jazz told me that we watch a Rugby team, we made an effort to enjoy our day. After watching the rugby match, we had dinner at Hooters then we walked the baywalk all the way up to the giant ferris wheel. 

It's a good thing that the weather was quite cool for that night. I have to do this often. It's just like a relationship. You need to nourish and take care of it. 


Expensive but Delicious Food at Hooters


Hooters food was good. The only downside is that it is quite expensive. Our cheapest dish is at 550 pesos. The girls there are ok but the food was worth it.



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