April 19, 2012

Cerveza Negra at Hooters Manila

Chicken Salad 295

Delicious Chicken Quesadillas - 550

My ranch dressing with celery to go with my fried wings, ordered separately at 105

A nice take on the baby back ribs. Very tender and juicy at 550. 

Fried chicken wings. You can choose on how many. We chose 10 pcs at 495

This yummy Bacon cheeseburger. All Beef at 495.

Bacon baby, BACON.

My cucumber. I love cucumbers.

One memorable summer night. Bonding with the FABE Team

White cheese over my chicken quesadilla. Yum, Yum

Joash easily laughs at our jokes. Glad he enjoyed the night.

Jolo, our right wing man. Eats and drinks everything that we cannot consume.

Joash, laughing all the time again.

He had a cheek fatigue already. It has pain due to constant laughing.

My cucumber..YUMMY.

Oh Cerveza Negra.. I MISS YOU BUDDY. My favorite beer during my Bedan days.

Joash picked Hooters. We were supposed to have our dinner at the Dampa after the rugby game of the Philippine Volcanoes but he mentioned Hooters. It was a great choice. We enjoyed our bonding time together. Service at Hooters is great. The women waitresses looks very Filipina. I think it is aimed at the western crowd. Nevertheless, the food is great, service was good and the company is AWESOME.

Our total bill is about 3,681 pesos for a group of 5. We had 1 round of beer after our meal. It's about 800 per person. The only downside is that we were given a high table, if they have given us a seat-down table, we could have spent more.

The beer here is cheap. Only 65 pesos. The food prices will kill you. But the excellent service of Andy our waitress is worth it.

Hooters Manila is located at the San Miguel by the Bay, MOA Complex, Pasay City. 


The FABE Team at the Rizal Sports Complex

me, joash, jolo, ken and jazz

Me and Jolo

Joash and Jazz

Jazz is the one responsible for getting us free tickets to watch the rugby game. We were taking behind the scenes pictures before heading out for dinner. The Rizal Sports Stadium is just Glorious. GLORIOUS.



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