April 18, 2012

Manila Male Model Portfolio : Erickson

He's called Justperplayah. That's his facebook account. He is a model based in Manila.


Map going to Pagudpud

OUR AWESOME PLANET: Infographic: Your Awesome Journey to Pagudpud

I'm a fan of this food blog, Our Awesome Planet. I enjoy reading all his posts but it's not really of use to me since most of his featured restaurants are at Bonifacio High Street. Maybe he lives in that area. I live in Tomas Morato.

I also enjoyed this map he made for Pagudpud, if you plan to travel by car.

I'm still debating whether to take a plane to Pagudpud via Laoag or to use my van going all the way there. I have two toddlers and it would be too hard for them for a 12 hour ride. They might get sick once they arrive there.

This map is very informative but it lacks more driving information. I rarely go out of town and I don't like being lost. Maybe on my own trip, I will try to document it from town to town so it would be useful for other travelers.

100 km/h speed limit at the South Expressway


There's a 100 km/h speed limit imposed at the South Expressway. I'm glad that they have this since I feel much safer. Driving at a regular speed does reduce accidents.

It's my first out of Manila vacation today. I went to my favorite Pansol resort for a day. 

The toll fee from Nichols to Calamba Laguna is only 214 pesos. It's much better if I used the skyway since the toll fee is only 260 pesos. Only 46 pesos expensive than using the main road. Using the skyway is faster and you can arrive at Pansol earlier. 

We left around 10.30 at Tomas Morato and we arrived at Pansol at 12 noon. 





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