March 9, 2012

Join the FABE FASHION SHOW this March 2012

Be discovered. Have experience. Meet other models.

An Open Fashion Show for Aspiring Models.

This March 2012. Register today.


Registration Fee : Php 1,000 Only 


Text :  0916.654.57.07 or 0915.451.66.90

Registration everyday at the FABE Studio. Please text us to schedule.

Please bring 3 outfits. Hair and make up is included in the fee.


The fee will include :


1. A Model Portfolio Shoot

(50 shots, You'll get 10 best shots and the copy of the raw shots too)


Photoshoot schedule is daily just pm me or text me (0916.654.5707) for the schedule.


2. Includes Hair and Make Up (for the photoshoot)


3. Inclusion for the Fashion Show. 

The fashion show is there to build up their confidence and to practice their walk.


Practice what you have learned.

Build your Self-Confidence.

Experience is the best teacher.


Showing the Menswear of Vic Fabe, CJ Segarra

Gowns and Dresses of Drezzee, Landmark




You can see the model's full set at







It's easy to join the fashion show. Just have a model portfolio shoot with Vic Fabe Photography.


Photo shoot days will be Wednesday and Fridays (4pm), Saturdays at 2pm onwards.


Just text me at 0916.654.5707 or at 0915.593.0260


Registration fee is only 1,000 pesos. 


Your pictures will be part of your model portfolio and at the same time will become teasers for the fashion show.


The fashion show will be the added bonus. A lot of my clients always yearn to walk the runway. They don't have the height but still they want to experience it. In fact, you don't have to be tall to do the fashion shows. Television and movie celebrities are not that tall. Most of them are small and very petite. They always grace the fashion shows and usually they are the most photographed.


Dream big and of course you have to do it. Those who succeed are those who pursue and do it.

This will be the 4th year of the twice a year fashion show of Vic Fabe Photography. 






 Schedule of Photoshoots will be every Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.

 Wednesday and Fridays : 4pm onwards.

 Saturdays are from 2pm onwards.

 Hair and Make Up is included at the photoshoot.


 Registration is at 


 FABE Photo Studio, ESNA Bldg, 30 Timog Avenue, Quezon City


 Click here for the directions:



Please text me at 0916.654.5707 or 0915.451.6690 if you will come.


Hair and Make up is included.


Please bring 2 outfits. 






Please bring 2 outfits for the shoot.

Bring clothes that will show your personality.

Bring shoes,accessories like shades, caps, bags.


Registration Fee is only Php 1,000.


Included in the Registration Fee are the following:


1. Your model portfolio shoot with Vic Fabe

Unlimited Shots, 3 Best Shots will be uploaded online.

This will serve as teasers for the show.

You will also receive the RAW shots in hi-resolution. It will be uploaded online privately. Only you will have the access.


2. Inclusion on the March fashion show.

The fashion show will only push through if we achieved the required number of participants.

It's best to encourage your friends to join too.


3. Tickets for the fashion show is only 200. Reasonable.

It's not included on the Registration fee.


4. Hair and Make up is included on the model portfolio shoot.

Registration will be at my Photo Studio at :

Every Wednesday, Friday ( 1pm and 6pm onwards )

Every Saturdays ( 2pm onwards )


Please text me at 0916.654.5707 or 0915.451.6690








Click HERE if you want to join my photoshoots.




Date with Raymund Marasigan

I went to an all boys school all my life. During the last year's reunion, I never thought that Raymund are bossom buddies with my classmates. Very funny guy. All boys yan ako lang ang girl. :-)

There's a different bond among men indeed. 

Shirtless Pictures of Martin del Rosario

You can always feel if a person have masa appeal. I don't know Martin del Rosario but I just came across his photo in a magazine publication. Actually, he was not featured. His picture is so small but his eyes were so tantalizing. I don't even know his name. I was able to read a profile interview of him online. It's very interesting. His manager just saw him standing outside his school at Lourdes school Quezon city. It's also a good thing that he also likes acting.

I also do that to some of my photography clients, telling them if they are interested in modeling. Others say yes but some just like to have their photographs taken.

I'm certain that this guy will rise into fame soon. He has that masa appeal. And don't forget those eyes. Damn eyes. :-) 


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